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Nancy Chiu


Nancy Chiu began ballet training when she was six years old, also learning Chinese and modern dance as she grew. Later on, she became a television and movie dancer and was one of the pioneers engaged in Hong Kong's television dance shows.

In 1967, she worked with the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) as a dancer and choreographer and later joined the Rediffusion Television Limited (RTV) as head of the dance division.

During 1967-71, she had performed 600 live shows and had accumulated invaluable experience in performing arts.

In 1971, at the end of a brilliant career on stage, Nancy founded the Nancy Chiu Ballet Studio in Hong Kong and by 1991, a branch of her ballet school was opened in Toronto, Canada.

In 1977, Nancy was appointed as the Chief Choreographer for a major dance performance celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, which incorporated over 1,500 dancers.

Innumerable students, both local and overseas, have come under Ms. Chiu's instruction. Apart from teaching dance, she also choreographed for singers and movie stars like Rebecca Pan, Josephine Siao, Nancy Sit, Fung Bobo, Sum Sum, Ban Ban, the late Roman Tam and Leslie Cheung, as well as younger entertainers like Karen Mok and Charlene Choi.

Ms. Chiu's works were noted for their unique characterization and stage design, fabulous costumes and structural fluidity. She was also renown for articulating events in Chinese history and incorporating customs and folklore in the form of dance. She was a Guest Choreographer of the Hong Kong Dance Company, and her works include Wong Tai Sin, Femme Fatale - Black Lady, Hou Yi and Chang E, as well as prize-winning creations such as Rainbow Dresses and Feathered Gowns, Ladies with Flowers in Their Hair, Daiyu Laying the Flowers to Rest, Fishermen's Night Song and Sprout.  And in her later years, Ms. Chiu devoted much of her time to traditional Chinese opera, building on her impeccable foundation in dance.

Ms. Chiu had been Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher for over 30 years.  Other accomplishments include being an executive committee member of the Hong Kong Dance Federation, Eastern District Arts Council, and chairperson of the Eastern District Children Dance Group.  She had been serving many years as adjudicator for the Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival and Open Dance Competition.

Ms. Chiu passed away peacefully in 2015 August after a brave battle with cancer.  Nancy Chiu Ballet Studio now continues in memory of Nancy Chiu and is carrying on the legacy of dancing that she has instilled in the hearts of so many.














趙老師於2015年8 月因病不幸辭世。趙蘭心舞蹈學院將繼續傳承趙老師對舞蹈教學的熱誠、對藝術的堅持和培育下一代的精神。

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